2023 Salem One Pitch Tournament

The 6th annual Salem One Pitch Tournament was held on Saturday, April 30th. If you aren’t familiar with what a one pitch tournament is – basically each at bat is only one pitch, period. You either hit the ball into play, take a ball (which is a walk), take a strike (which is an out), or hit a foul ball (which is also an out). This makes the games go by quicker so you can fit more into the day. This year’s tournament was double elimination and consisted of 6 teams: New Hope Cambridge, Oxlip Ballhawks, Oxlip, Refuge, River of Life, and the host Salem Saints.

The games were competitive, featured great sportsmanship, and fun was had by all. In the end, Oxlip went undefeated and topped New Hope Cambridge for the championship, while the Salem Saints claimed third place.