Rule Changes for 2024

The following two rule changes were adopted for the 2024 season:

Two women must be on the field and in the top ten of every teams batting order at all times. If you have only one woman, your team must play one fielder short. You may still bat all of your batters, but you must have a female in your top 10 batters and take an out when the second woman’s spot comes up, this out must be taken in one of the first 10 batters of the lineup. If a team has no women, the game may still be played but the team with no women will play with only 8 players in the field. You may still bat all of your batters but your team must start each inning with an out AND take an out in 2 spots within the top ten of your lineup.

Age limits are as follows: Adult players must be 16 years of age prior to the start of the season. If turning age 15 within the calendar year of the season, youth players must have softball board approval to play on an adult team. The coaches from both teams must also approve before the start of the game. If a 14 (turning 15 in the calendar year) or 15 year old has played in at least 4 games during the season they no longer need approval from opposing coaches and are eligible to play in the end of season tournament. Youth players cannot be older than 15 years old and cannot turn 16 within the youth season.

Both of these rules are explained by League Director Allen Goldsmith at the 25:45 mark of the most recent episode of the Cambridge-Isanti Softball Podcast. You can listen via the link below: