Youth Rule Changes for 2024

Just a quick heads-up that a few rule changes have been implemented for the 2024 youth season with the goals of player safety and speeding up the games in mind. They are as follows:

  1. Youth games will have a run limit of 10 per inning during the regular season. This can be reduced to a lower number (recommended 7) if both coaches agree before the game. If they do not agree, it defaults to the league standard of 10. There is no run limit during the tournament.
  2. Youth games will not have a new inning will not start 90 minutes after first pitch during the regular season. In the event of a tie, extra time/innings are allowed if both coaches agree to continue playing based on weather conditions, lighting, and time commitments (ex: some churches incorporate the game into their youth group night).
  3. Younger youth players are encouraged (not required) to wear a batting helmet when batting and on the basepaths and are encouraged (not required) to wear protective gear when catching.
  4. If a youth player throws a bat, it is an automatic out after they have received one warning in that game. If a warning is received, it should be noted in the scorebook with a W by their name.