Rule Changes for 2023

Three rule changes were made at the annual league meeting on Sunday, March 5th. Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Minimum Pitch Height
    • We are changing the minimum pitching height from 3ft from release to 6ft minimum. What this means: Once the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand, it must reach height of at least 6-feet from the ground. This is to eliminate “flat” pitches. There will continue to NOT be a max on height.
  2. 180 Foot Rule
    • We are also updating the 180′ rule to state teams must have 4 outfielders behind the 180′ line and. This means that no rovers are allowed (even if the rover is female), and no 5 person infield can be played while a female batter is up.
  3. Time Limit for Shared Fields
    • If you are playing on a lit field and there is a 2nd game scheduled after you, the time limit is 90 minutes (7:00 PM to 8:30 PM). This limit must be followed to accommodate both games.